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S/N number File Type Download Time
S1410WHD1703031E OS Drivers [Download] 20170416
S1410WHD1703031E install guide Drivers [Download] 20170416
W2021FWG1703214A WIN10 OS Drivers [Download] 20170412
X1794WF161271A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170330
X1066KX1609053A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170111
X1066KX1609051A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170111
X1009DM1506271E0353 Firmware&Tool Drivers [Download] 20170106
X1811WF1610051E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170105
MTK Driver&Flash Tool&Guide Drivers [Download] 20170104
GL211KX1607281A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170104
L2101KX1607281A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20170104
W0008KX1604203A Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20170103
NV701ZDI1609011A Upgrade Guide&Driver Drivers [Download] 20161229
NV701ZDI1609011A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161229
iRULU Android projector reboot software Drivers [Download] 20161222
X4701TIZ1609173A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161220
Window10 User Manual Drivers [Download] 20161220
Children Tablet User Manual Drivers [Download] 20161220
Tablet User Manul Drivers [Download] 20161220
X1821WF1610051E Firmware&FlashTools Drivers [Download] 20161202
S1410WHD1703031E OS Drivers [Download] 20170416
Allwinner Flashing Tools V4.1.0 For Andorid6.0 Drivers [Download] 20160904
X1066KX1611141E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161202
IRULU Projector 10-10 Pro Teaching Video-How to Dismantle the Projector Shell Drivers [Download] 20161124
IRULU Projector 10-10 Pro Teaching Video-How to Remove the Dust Spot.A Drivers [Download] 20161124
IRULU Projector 10-10 Pro Teaching Video-How to Remove the Dust Spot.B Drivers [Download] 20161124
IRULU Projector 10-10 Pro Teaching Video-How to Adjust Keystone Drivers [Download] 20161124
IRULU Projector 10-10 Pro Teaching Video-How to Adjust Focus Drivers [Download] 20161124
S517_XINFEIYANG_I6501_B_V3_OTM1283A_FT5X46_GC2235_OV5648_OV13850_20160905090704 Drivers [Download] 20161031
X1069TIZ1610141A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161031
EU471TIZ1609173A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161031
Y3702TIZ1609173A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161031
Y1753WF1608095A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161031
Y3701PCD1607181A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20161030
S1405CR1607091A WIN10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160918
S1405CR1607091A installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160918
EU754WF1601074A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160916
MSO9280MC_KLR_english_2016.09.03 Drivers [Download] 20160907
X1066WF1608092A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160904
X1068WF1608093E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160904
Allwinner Flashing Tools V4.1.0 Guide Drivers [Download] 20160904
BV5000 Drivers [Download] 20160802
S1101CR1607091A WIN10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160828
S1101 installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160828
JX944ZDI1601181E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160826
X1782WF1608061A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160825
S1002GT1607071E WIN10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160825
S1002GT1607071E installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160825
HT6 Drivers [Download] 20160824
Y1754WF1608091S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160824
HT3pro Drivers [Download] 20160823
S1410GT1607071E WIN10 Drivers [Download] 20160823
S1410GT1607071E Installtaion Guide Drivers [Download] 20160823
JX007TIZ1510261A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160823
JX007TIZ1510261A Update Guide Drivers [Download] 20160823
HT17 Drivers [Download] 20160819
Low with the software Drivers [Download] 20160816
U4mini Drivers [Download] 20160814
HT5 Drivers [Download] 20160814
HT3 Drivers [Download] 20160814
Alfa1 Drivers [Download] 20160814
X1067KX1601271A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160527
W1901ZDI1601052E Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160721
X1066KX1604202A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160719
U2 Drivers [Download] 20160715
EU069KX1512248A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160714
EU068KX1512248A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160714
EU067KX1512248A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160714
EU066KX1512248A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160714
W1005 installation guides Drivers [Download] 20160707
Victory 1 tool & software instructions Drivers [Download] 20160628
EU784WHD1602261R Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160628
X1793KX1604202A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160628
X1783KX1605312E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160628
X1781KX1604202A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160628
JX922DM1507171E0981 Firmware&Flash Tool Drivers [Download] 20160620
X1784WF1604112 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160614
X1781WF1604081 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160614
JX742JG1412092E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160614
X2742JZH1507171E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160614
X1781LIT1601091S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160606
X1785WF1512162A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
Elite5 Drivers [Download] 20160525
Elite 1 Drivers [Download] 20160525
Elite 4 Drivers [Download] 20160525
X1932DM1411011E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160523
X1943YDT1410103E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160518
X1776JG1411141E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160517
HT7 Drivers [Download] 20160517
GW005ZDI1512281A Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160516
YA753TZH1511243A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160512
firmware and install guide for V3(high configeration) Drivers [Download] 20160510
V4 Drivers [Download] 20160509
U1Mini Drivers [Download] 20160504
W008ZDI1601221A Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160502
X4701PCD1603222A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1791WF1512161E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1791WF1508122A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1785WF1601121E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1795WF1507131E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1793TZH1511241E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1066KX1603071A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160407
X1785WF1512161E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1785WF1509241E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1782LM1508141E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
X1781ZDI1511271E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
JX944DI1601181E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
Y1753HPC1512153S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160502
Operation Manual R130 Drivers [Download] 20160427
Operation Maunal G18 Drivers [Download] 20160427
X1739WCB1501231A026 Frimware&Tools Drivers [Download] 20160427
HT7pro Drivers [Download] 20160426
EX401ZDI1602221A Firmware&Tools Drivers [Download] 20160426
EW007TZH1510131A Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160425
Y1753XSL1509292A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160422
UK753WHD1512231A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160422
EU753WF1601074A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160422
Firmware and install guide for V3 (low configuration) Drivers [Download] 20160419
U1S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160413
U1Pro Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160413
U1 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160413
Y1754HPC1511301S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
User Manual for Piano PA88 Drivers [Download] 20160322
User Manual for Piano PA61 Drivers [Download] 20160322
X1781KX1507201E1224 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160321
W1004 installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160318
X1781LM1508141E Frimware Drivers [Download] 20160318
EU842XSL1601122A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160317
EU843XSL1601122A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160317
EU753WHE1509092A Frimware Drivers [Download] 20160317
W1901XSL1509291A Win10 OS Drivers [Download] 20160317
JW008 OS_V2 Drivers [Download] 20160316
AX741DM1412041E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160314
W1901JZH1506231A install guide Drivers [Download] 20160306
W1901JZH1506231A OS Drivers [Download] 20160302
SD_Firmware_Tool_RK Drivers [Download] 20160301
Y1753LIT1509111S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160225
X1791DM1506261S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160225
X1792DM1507271S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160225
W0007install guide Drivers [Download] 20160225
X1781HPC1511302S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
W1007 OS_TZH Drivers [Download] 20160214
UK793WHD1512153 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
X1781HPC1512155W Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
X1781XSL1601091E Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
X1781HPC1512154S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
X1781DM1508261S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160224
X2761 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160223
Y1754XSL1509292A Frimware Drivers [Download] 20160222
X1921&X1931 Upgrade by Micro SD Card Drivers [Download] 20160222
JX944&JX945 Upgrade by Micro SD Card Drivers [Download] 20160222
X1921 X1922 X1931 X1932 Firmware_V2_YHK Drivers [Download] 20160221
UsbDriver_Allwinter Drivers [Download] 20160221
JX944 JX945 Firmware_V2_YHK Drivers [Download] 20160221
W1101 installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160219
W0007 Drivers Drivers [Download] 20160216
W0008 Drivers Drivers [Download] 20160216
W1007 installation guide Drivers [Download] 20160215
W1007 Drivers Drivers [Download] 20160215
X1781SPL1510263S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160215
Y1754HPC1511301S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160215
X7210DM1506221S0456 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160112
W0008 JW008 install guides Drivers [Download] 20160122
Micro SD Card Flash Tools_AW Drivers [Download] 20160122
X1781SP1510263S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160121
X1942YDT1410071A Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160121
Children Tablet Firmware_YHK Drivers [Download] 20160121
X7211DEM1510231S Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160120
X7210DM1506221S0456 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160120
X1791DM1506261S0462 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20160120
X1081 X1082 Firmware_TIZ Drivers [Download] 20160120
X1081 X1082 Firmware_JZH Drivers [Download] 20160120
X1048 X1049 Firmware_KX Drivers [Download] 20160120
W1101 OS_WH Drivers [Download] 20160120
Firmware_YHK0809 Drivers [Download] 20160120
X1046 X1047 X1050 Firmware_KX Drivers [Download] 20160120
W1004 OS_TZ Drivers [Download] 20160119
USBDisk Boot File for W1004 W1007 W1101 Drivers [Download] 20160119
FlashTool_AW Drivers [Download] 20160115
X1843 Firmware_PW Drivers [Download] 20160112
X7211DM15102318 Frimware Drivers [Download] 20160112
X1761-X1769 Drivers [Download] 20150616
X1842 Firmware_PW Drivers [Download] 20160112
X1066-X1069 Firmware_YHK Drivers [Download] 20160107
Firmware for EU781WHE1508267A Drivers [Download] 20160104
W1005 OS--WH Drivers [Download] 20151229
W1005 Driver--WH Drivers [Download] 20151229
V1S&V1 Firmware Drivers [Download] 20151227
W0008 Install OS Drivers [Download] 20151223
X1066_WH Update Tools EN Drivers [Download] 20151130
W1002 W1003 Win10 with bing OS Drivers [Download] 20151118
X1066_WH Update Tools Drivers [Download] 20151117
X1066-1067 Drivers Drivers [Download] 20151111
W1002 W1003 Driver Drivers [Download] 20151101
English User Manual for iRULU V3 Drivers [Download] 20151026
French User Manual for iRULU V3 Drivers [Download] 20150918
Spanish User Manual for iRULU V3 Drivers [Download] 20150918
German User Manual for iRULU V3 Drivers [Download] 20150918
FOTA Update Guide Drivers [Download] 20150821
W1002 W1003 windows8.1 with bing OS install guides Drivers [Download] 20150624
W1002 W1003 windows8.1 with bing OS Drivers [Download] 20150624